Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Zero Point Energy and Government Cover-up

The energy of the atom or molecule is being fueled by everything around it. It’s impossible to take out all the energy in a quantum system. Zero-point energy is the least amount of energy a system can have inside a vacuum. E=mc^2 equates to: mass is energy. Inside a vacuum includes Boson fields, electromagnetic fields, gauge fields, fermion fields… basically the ground state of all the fields.

Since space is infinite, then the amount of zero-point energy would be infinite. Zero-point energy is free energy, energy contained within the vacuum of space and is undetectable by any traditional means. It's energy that is homogeneous (the same throughout no matter where you are in the universe), and isotropic (the same in every direction and from any viewing angle). There's no way to measure it but experiments in quantum mechanics, theoretical physics, clearly show the existence of an all-pervasive, electromagnetic field referred to as the Zero-point field.

Vacuum is empty space-time. The Lamb Shift (named after Willis Lamb - based on the interaction between the electron and the vacuum causes a tiny energy shift - awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1955) and Quantum mechanics shows that the exchange of energy between the vacuum and the charged particles is in fact real and generates real effects. It generates effects in actual material or substance. In the modern quantum mechanical view, what we find is that the vacuum is fiercely active, a fierce energy flux going in all directions at all times. The energy density is estimated by various physicist, as being extremely high. If you took the raw energy in one cubic centimeter and condense it into mass, divided by c squared, you would have more observable mass result from that than our largest telescope can see in the observable universe. This drives everything that we call physical reality, from the quantum level up to the observed level and the observed world that we live in, it's all energetically driven by the vacuum.

Study the "Paleocontact Hypothesis", which suggest that Deities (Gods) from most, if not all religions, were intelligent extraterrestrials. These advanced beings played an influential role in past human affairs. They introduced advanced technical knowledge across the galaxies and assisted humans in building large structures, unique devices, and passed on scientific facts, not yet discovered by primitive man. Their influence, coupled with a celestial and highly evolved consciousness, were mistaken by our archaic ancestors. Their actions were glorified, praised, and hidden, rather than studied. Those few who knew better, instead of proliferating the truth, chose to manipulate the masses via holy books and religion.

Nikola Tesla believed that free energy could be provided to the world by transmitting electric power without wires; power derived from cosmic energy. In 1901, Tesla unfortunately crossed paths with JP Morgan. Tesla's ambitious "Wardenclyffe Tower", aka Tesla Tower, was a wireless transmission tower. The intent of the Tesla Tower was for commercial trans-Atlantic wireless telephony, and wireless power transmission. The tower was demolished in 1917 by Morgan, which left Tesla "penniless and disillusioned." The wealthy industrialist at the time knew that their plans to wire the world with copper would be greatly hindered if they could not control the supply and means of delivery.

Nikola Tesla's goal was to develop technology in harmony with nature (which is what other intelligent life in the universe has been doing for millinea), but this conflicted with the primitive prevailing American attitude at the time, that mankind was put on Earth to subdue and dominate nature. Tesla would be denounced as a "crackpot" and the majority of his work was removed from historical records. When Tesla died in 1943, his scientific papers were seized by US Government agents. If Tesla's genius was recognized, there's no telling what ideas and services our world could benefit from today.

JP Morgan prohibited Tesla from broadcasting electric power overseas without wires, he stated, "if I can't put a meter on it, I can't finance it." This has changed the course of history and we have suffered from this "profit motive" for the past century.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canadian Minister of Defense

Canadian Minister of National Defense, Honorable Paul Hellyer, spoke at a symposium in Toronto Canada. What he spoke about is generally taboo in global politics and most American politicians would not dare broach the subject of UFO's Paul Hellyer states in no uncertain terms that UFO's are just as real as the airplanes you see in the sky. 

At least 4 species of aliens have been visiting Earth for thousands of years. They are not an amorphous species, in other words, they are not shapeless, they have a form just as humans have a form. There are live ET's on Earth, at this present time and at least two work for the US Government. One such species is referred to as the "Tall Whites." They live on US Air force property and work in cooperation with the US Air force.

Paul Hellyer wants to disclose the fact that these issues are real and that tax paying citizens are capable of accepting the reality that we live in a cosmos teaming with life of various sorts. The fact that some other civilizations are more advanced than we are may be humbling.

These truths are being kept secret by many cabals, such as: Council on Foreign Relations, Bilderbergers, Oil Cartel, Banking Cartel, Trilateral Commission, International Banking Cartel, and select members of the military. Together they have become a shadow government of not only the United States but most of the world. This group is accountable to no one and according to Rockefeller, "the plan is well advanced."

Canada's Minister of Defense, Paul Hellyer's call is for people to come together for peace. Doing so will require a paradigm shift in our collective attitudes. "It involves a defacto renunciation of the plan for a new American energy and the adoption of a pledge in cooperation with all humankind." "To build the kind of world in which we are collectively capable of."

Hellyer further states, "young people everywhere need to be challenged by a noble cause." "They need to be involved in arresting Global Warming. Creating a banking system that is just and sustainable, and lead the way in the transformation to the new reality that we have to live in harmony with our celestial neighbors, as well as seeking peace on Earth." "In a word, we must become Spiritual Beings and practice the one tenet that the worlds major religions have in come, the Golden Rule."

Millennial Hospitality Excerpt

Destroying the Ecosystem

The 11th Hour is a documentary from Leonardo DiCaprio about the state of humanity and the world. Co-directors Leila Conners Petersen and Nadia Conners conduct interviews with some of the world's leading scientists and creative thinkers in a film that asks whether or not it's too late to avoid the ecological disaster that looms ominously on the horizon.
In addition to exploring how the human race has arrived at this crucial point in history, conversations with 50 leading thinkers, scientists, and leaders including former Soviet prime minister Mikhail Gorbachev, world-renowned scientist Stephen Hawking, and sustainable design experts Bruce Mau and William McDonough to find out just what humankind can do about the most pressing issues of our time.

Homo sapiens Sapiens is an incredibly young species. We came very late in the calendar year of the Earth. The Earth calendar started January 1 and now we're Dec 31st. We got here 15 minutes before midnight on Dec 31st and all of recorded history as gone by in the past 60 seconds.

There is a fundamental illusion in the world that someone we are separate from nature. The reality is that we are part of nature, in fact, we are nature. This is the fundamental misunderstanding in the world that is causing so much havoc. Our culture is built on the assumption that we are the superior life form on Earth; that we are separate from all other life forms; that we've been given dominion over all other life forms. Even to think that we are separated from nature is a thinking disorder. You can't be separated
from nature, why we think that way is what's interesting. What happens in the mind that likes to think it's separated from nature? We are living in total disharmony with the planet. We're exploring space, which is a good thing, but our explorations do not affect our attitudes. Attitudes that are based on selfishness, the economic situation, and politics. How many governments in the world have taken the environmental crisis for what it is? Very few, and certainly not the United States.

We live in a human created environment where it's very easy to think we are different from other creatures. We're smart, we create our own habitat, we don't need nature, it's the economy that's most important. In focusing in on the economy we have forgotten ancient truths; ancient wisdom's that kept us plugged into nature and understanding that if we do something to offend the natural world, we're going to pay a price for that. We have to treat nature much more gently. This is the lesson we have forgotten and we're dealing with the consequences today.